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Foreign Investments

The Peruvian Government actively seeks to attract both foreign and domestic investment in all sectors of the economy. In recent years overall economic advances have contributed to a better perception of Peru and to create an appropriate climate to lure both foreign and domestic investment:

Foreign investment

Peruís policy for investments promotion has been very active, and includes a concessions and privatizations program conducted by PROINVERSION, the Peruvian Government Agency responsible for the Promotion of Private Investment. Peru has a modern legislation which rules foreign investments, based on a non-discriminatory treatment with regard to national investors. The legal framework also establishes:

WTO commitments are fully abided by. No selection mechanisms or performance requirements are applied or demanded to foreign investors. Foreign investment may be made in any income-generating activity, under any of the following forms established by Law:

Peru has also been active in negotiating bilateral treaties for reciprocal promotion and protection of investments. At present, 29 agreements have been already concluded with countries of the Pacific Basin, Europe and Latin America, including one with Australia in 1995. In the Regional and multilateral areas, Peru has subscribed several treaties including the OPIC agreement, MIGA and others.

Companies investing in Peru

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