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The Economy: Snapshot

GDP (2005): $78.4 billion.

Annual growth rate (2006): 8.03%.

Per capita GDP (2006): $3,400.

Natural resources: Silver, gold, copper, zinc, iron ore, lead, fish, petroleum, natural gas, forestry.

Manufacturing (14.9% of GDP, 2004): Food and beverages, textiles and apparel, nonferrous and precious metals, nonmetallic minerals, petroleum refining, paper, chemicals, iron and steel, fishmeal.

Agriculture (8.3% of GDP, 2004): Coffee, asparagus, paprika, artichoke, sugarcane, potato, rice, banana, maize, poultry, milk, others.

Other sectors (by percentage of GDP in 2004): Services (55.0%), mining (6.6%), construction (4.8%), fisheries (0.5%).

Exports (2006) $20 billion: Gold, copper, fishmeal, petroleum, zinc, textiles, apparel, asparagus and coffee.

Major Export Markets (2005): U.S. (30%), China (11%), Chile (6.6%), Canada (6.0%), Switzerland (4.6%), Japan (3.6%), Spain (3.3%), Netherlands (3.1%).

Imports (2005) $12.5 billion: Machinery, vehicles, processed food, petroleum and steel.

Major suppliers (2005): U.S. (17.7%), China (8.5%), Brazil (8.2%), Ecuador (7.3%), Colombia (6.2%).

Peru's econmomy performance

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